Strolling Entertainment by the Jokesters


The Jokesters strolling act consists of several different and entertaining acts. One act is the Living Statues, where they stand perfectly still and pretend to be mannequins, unbeknownst to the audience.

As the audience passes by or steps forward for a closer inspection of the statues, they move. The person screams and then laughs and the entire crowd which has formed, erupts into laughter.

Common comments include “Wow! You guys are great. This is going to be a really fun party!” and, “that alone was worth the drive here!” The audience loves this act and will watch them for hours.

The second act is the Comic Mimicry of Passersby, a crowd pleaser at Fairs, Festivals and Amusement Parks like Disneyland® and Six Flags®.

And finally, is their Comedy, Mime & Magic Act performed amongst the crowd, where they combine Visual Magic and Mime with lots of audience participation.

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