JFX, or JokestersFX, Special Effects, Special blood effects, disaster simulation, moulage, whatever you call it, these are mearly a magic trick for the eyes.


Steve Bauer and Marianne Wittelsberger are special effects makeup artists who create makeup for Film, Television, Stage and Moulage.  They lived in Hollywood, CA where they worked for every major studio. They specialize in prosthetics and blood effects. Marianne and Steve recruit, train, hire and coordinate Actors and Moulage artists for multiple international programs at Shock Trauma Hospital and University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. They design, fabricate and apply realistic trauma specific injuries for program scenarios and disaster drills.

Programs include: 

ATLS - Advanced Trauma Life Support - Certification for Emergency Department Doctors

ATCN - Advanced Trauma Care for Nurses - Certification for Emergency Department Nurses        

MOCA - Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology  Medical Simulation for real world cases.

TEAM ATLS Training for 1st year Medical Students

ATLS Instructor Course Moulage Training for ATLS Intructors

CCRU Ultrasound

Leading Edge Program

C-Cups Ultrasound Program

Unit Secretary Education Series

C-STARS Program

Disaster Simulation for First Responders in Baltimore, MD. Moulage for 80 actors.


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Jokesters can provide special effects from single effects up to the whole disaster simulation up to 500 victims. We use safe and washable blood, and always use sanitary conditions when applying any EFX.

Of course we always do key makeup for television, HD and non-HD, film and stage.



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